The importance of wearing a sports bra simply cannot be underestimated. Wearing a decent sports bra reduces movement, thereby reducing the pain and sagging that results from stretched ligaments. Regardless of your cup size, sports bras should be worn during exercise for support, comfort and well being. Once breast ligaments have been stretched because of exercise they can't be unstretched, so a sports bra is just about the most important piece of sports kit for women.  Read more...
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We stock a large range of sports bras here at Simply Sweat, suitable for various sports and bust sizes. It is not only women with larger cup sizes who should be wearing sports bras; women of all shapes and cup sizes benefit from wearing one. If you're doing rigorous exercise, a decent sports bra will drastically reduce bounce, making for a far more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

We've selected a broad range that are designed for various levels of exertion. These bras are constructed to reduce movement and the fabrics used are specifically made to wick away sweat to ensure maximum comfort. You'll find plenty of information within the sports bra's description telling you what level of activity the bra is most suitable for. We stock a number of great quality brands such as Shock Absorber, Nike, Freya and Pure Lime.

You'll also find plenty of choice colour-wise. Brands such as Pure Lime and Casall make high quality sports bras in a range of feminine shades and the classic black and whites are also available. Whatever level of physical activity you need your bra for, from low impact such as walking, road cycling or yoga to medium impact such as skiing or tennis or high impact such as aerobics or running, there is a sports bra designed for you.

If you do a lot of different sports and activities it's advisable to buy different types of sports bras to suit the various activity level. This will ensure you're comfortable and have the correct level of support so you can get the most out of your exercise regime. Wearing a good sports bra benefits you not only in the short term, but in the long term, too, as it lessens the likelihood of sagging and discomfort.

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