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By becomming a Simply Sweat Affiliate you can earn yourself some extra cash. You do this by earning of commission on sales from customers sent to us from your website. Customers from your website or blog are tracked for 30 days which maximises your chances of gaining a commission. It’s really quick and simple to set up, just follow the steps above. Here are 4 simple reasons to join:

  • Earn 8% commission on click through sales
  • Wide choice of banners available
  • 24 hour reporting on your performance
  • 30 day tracking on sales

Frequently asked questions

Q Why do you use a third party solution to track sales?
A Affiliate Window is an award winning affiliate marketing company (the largest in the UK). It is their job to ensure that your sales are tracked correctly and you get the commission you deserve.
Q Where can I find your banners?
A Once you are signed up to us on Affiliate Window you can go to our profile and find the banners there. We have a great range of banners and many size options to suit your site.
Q I’ve made a sale – what happens next?
A At the end of each month we pay our commissions, whether its on one sale or more.
Q What are your commission rates?
A Our commission rates are fixed at 8% of the sales value.

Terms and Conditions

Put any of our banners on your website and we will pay you 8% commission on all sales generated as result of the customer clicking through and making a purchase. We have a choice of banners to choose from and you can have as many as you want on your site. For maximum effectiveness we would recommend you place them in prominent positions within your site. The amount of commission generated is limitless. Should you choose to, you may remove the banners at any time without notifying us – we do not lock you into a contract.

Banner Advertising Conditions: Simply Sweat cannot be held financially responsible in any way for technical problems including non-availability of the site resulting in the loss of sales and commission from the website. Except for injury to or death of any person arising from our negligence, we won’t be liable (under contract, by negligence or any other way) for any indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profits) or damage arising out of, or in connection with the website or this Agreement and our total liability for any loss or damage in respect of the website or this Agreement won’t exceed the amount of the commissions paid. You acknowledge that we won’t have any control over your use of the banner and by accepting these terms you agree to hold us harmless against any claims by third parties arising from your use of the banner.

In the unlikely event of there being any dispute over commission we will make non confidential information available to you to resolve any dispute. We cannot of course disclose personal details given to us over the Internet. All information given to Simply Sweat will remain confidential and will only be used by Simply Sweat and not sold to any third parties.